Prayer For Freedom

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Heart and Soul Center of Light

Prayer For Freedom

I speak my word for myself, my Center and all its members and friends:

I know Love as the only Reality.  I am created out of Love; Love is what I am.

I know this Love as Absolute Freedom in every area of my life, the life of my Center and all who call it home.

I claim for all of us financial freedom with all debts paid and cleared.

I release any sense of struggle or wrongdoing. I live in an Abundant Universe where there is more than enough for all.

We experience freedom in every moment by always having more than enough money, vibrant health and loving relationships.

We are who we have come here to be.  With hearts open wide, we see the world through the eyes of Love.

We are blessed, we are rich and we are FREE!  And So It Is!

Courtesy of CSL Ashville, Dr. John & Barbara Waterhouse