Our Vision Mission Values

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HSCL Vision  

We are a loving and compassionate, world-class teaching and empowerment ministry.  Through a consciousness of Universal God Presence, we release all resistance, separation, and fear.  We claim our personal liberation, and accept the eternal availability of joy, love and abundance. Through our intention to be love and spread joy, we engender reflections of the same and more in others.  Our ministry is a gift to the world, which expands through our practice and dedication. We welcome all people and together we make a quantifiable positive difference on the planet.


  • Be a lovingly supportive COMMUNITY that celebrates diversity
  • TEACH & PRACTICE authentic spiritual living and Science of Mind
  • Provide SACRED CELEBRATIONS that uplift our spirit and deepen our soul
  • Ignite SELF-EXPRESSION and experience meaningful contribution
  • Demonstrate active COMPASSION to ourselves, each other, and the world
  • Intentionally PROMOTE our community and teachings


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